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Epiphany Pictures produced and develops television programming, documentaries and feature films.  Mitchell Galin, founder of Epiphany, is an experienced film and entertainment professional with many award winning and commercially successful projects to his credit.


Epiphany Pictures’ focus is in three areas:


  1. Development and production of in-house developed material

  2. Production services of projects brought to Epiphany by studios or outside producers looking to capitalize on the robust film incentive programs in the south-east United States

  3. New media consulting services


Epiphany leverages Mr. Galin’s proven track record of producing filmed entertainment at below average cost without compromising quality.  For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Galin has consistently maintained strict discipline in both the budgeting and production process, with costs realistically projected and compliance with budget strictly enforced.   Additionally, Epiphany takes advantage of Mr. Galin’s proven ability to select source material with mass market appeal combined with identifying emerging new talent, which has resulted in Mr. Galin producing a number of highly successful mini-series, television series and feature films.





Development & Production:


Epiphany’s Development & Production program is focused on:


  1. Low to mid-budget level comedy features  

  2. Faith-based filmed entertainment in documentary, docudrama feature films and television programming

  3. Family friendly feature films and television programming


While Epiphany’s feature film focus is on developing and producing low to mid-budget level productions, when becoming involved in higher budgeted projects the Company collaborates with the appropriate studio partners.



Production Services: 


Epiphany is a full-service production company providing production services to studios and out-of-state production companies looking to capitalize on film incentive programs in the South eastern United States.  In addition, Epiphany is a registered Tennessee Company that has been vetted by the Department of Economic Development, qualifying Epiphany for an additional 15% rebate of any Tennessee based productions in allowable budget categories. 





Mr. Galin has provided recent consulting services for projects including Fylmz.com (the first internet film festival) and for two internet/satellite television channels.  Mr. Galin feels that leveraging his experience as a consultant positions Epiphany as a potential supplier of these new ventures without taking the attendant start-up fiscal risk.